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Provides a web-based survey application to create surveys, take surveys and view real-time results.
Star Systems
A suite of products for creating and analyzing web, e-mail, telephone and FAX surveys.
Survey services include: site design and planning, sampling and general computer support services.
StatPac Inc.
Survey software for web surveys, written questionnaires and telephone interviewing. Full survey design and analysis capabilities for marketing research with crosstab and banner statistics tables.
Student Researcher
Online data collection through web based surveys and questionnaires. Also provides a searchable education website directory to aid student and researcher data collection.
SumQuest Survey Software
Helps users design questionnaires and enter the responses. Provides full analysis using graphs, charts and tables. Processes web, email, phone and mail surveys.
Web-based system to design, distribute and tabulate web surveys.
Survey Crafter, Inc.
Provides a library of questions and wizards that lead users through questionnaire design and analysis for web, paper and telephone-based surveys.
Survey View
Offers single-user to Enterprise systems for doing surveys by paper, phone and Web.
SurveyConnect Inc.
Software and services for designing, administering and analyzing surveys.
Survey software for creating custom electronic questionnaires for market research. Publishes paper, telephone, Web or email surveys.
Offers a web-based interface for creating and publishing custom web surveys, and then viewing the results graphically in real time.
Provides a web-based interface for creating, administering and analyzing online surveys. No knowledge of HTML is required. Also provides ability to download results.
Free marketing survey tool for creation of custom online surveys with complicated branching logic.
Web based service for building and administering online surveys. Real-time Data Analysis and Reports. Free registration and trial survey.
Techneos Systems
Mobile computer-assisted personal interviewing software designed for the marketing research professional.
The Uncle Group, Inc. - Software for Market Research
Windows-based software that imports questionnaire data from files exported by other software including survey software. Imported data can be cleaned and used for sophisticated analysis.
Track Marketing Group
Specializing in web based surveys.
Training Technologies, Inc.
Survey software for internet surveys, e-mail surveys, paper surveys, diskette surveys, assessments, and questionnaires.
Trax UK
Windows-based data capture software using OMR/ICR, Web and email technologies for education, government and commerce. Software creates survey forms that can be scanned.

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