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AceBIT - WinSurvey
Software package for creating, publishing and analyzing custom web surveys.
Advanced Online Surveys
Create and host free online surveys for personal, employee or customer surveys.
AdWorks 2
Published analysis of brand advertising on television and its impact on sales. Study conducted by Information Resources and Media Marketing Assessment.
Apian Software - SurveyPro Software and SurveyHost Services
Survey Software for designing, distributing, and reporting on Web, paper and electronic surveys. Web survey design and hosting services available.
Atypica, Inc.
A self-service web site for creating online surveys or more general web forms.
Ballotbin - Online Surveys and Elections
Web-based interface for creating and managing custom online surveys or ballots for elections.
BESTCite Corporation
Windows-based software for creating and administering online surveys.
Business Solutions Int'l, Inc.
Web and telephone-based survey software. Use to gather customer feedback, sample consumer satisfaction, take marketing polls, or do product research.
C3 Statistical Solutions
Full-service survey provider specializing in online 360-degree feedback, customer satisfaction, and employee surveys. Services include survey design, administration, and analysis.
Cambridge Software Publishing - KeyPoint
Survey software for web, paper and email based questionnaire design and analysis. - Online Electronic Voting for Universities and Organizations
Online election software and services, specializing in school and University elections for faculty and students. Oranizations can administer their own elections using a web-based interface.
Web-based interface for generating an HTML survey for you to place on your web site. View real-time reports using your username and password.
Certus Knowledge
A web-based user interface for creating, administering and analyzing online surveys to post on your web site.
chumpsoft - Online Survey Software
Web-based interface for creating, adminstering and analyzing custom online surveys on your own web server. View or export the results in CSV or XML format.
Ciceronex - Easyresearch online survey tool
A web-based application for creating, administering and analyzing custom online surveys. Reports available online and for downloading.
A web-based application for creating, publishing and analyzing custom online surveys. Provides a host service or you can host your own surveys.
Client Surveys
Web surveys and homepage polls. Serving the Canadian and International markets.
CodeSegment - SMS Poll Center
Software for creating custom Short Message Service (SMS) opinion polls, surveys, voting, quizzes, chats, feedbacks on GSM mobile phones.
Cogent Computing Corporation - Poll Hosting
Create an online poll to link to your web site or send a link via email to poll recipients. View results at any time.
Compsys Questionnaire
Customer/client/staff survey application. Dynamically build your questionnaire and deploy to the internet. By Compsys Australia.

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