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CD-ROM Business Cards
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Digital Business Cards
Project your corporate identity through CD-ROM technology, offer one stop service from designs up to the finish products.
Digital Business Cards
Offers CDs in the size of a business card for interactive multimedia presentations.
Digital Business Cards Dot Net
Designs and delivers your new digital business cards.
Direct Card and Print Inc.
Membership cards for every application and every budget.
Disc Producers, Inc.
A full service CD manufacturer. Music CD, CD-Rom, CD business card, offset printing, graphic design.
Disc Productions, Inc.
CD business cards and CDBC's for marketing promotions and advertising.
PC business card on custom-sized CD-ROMs.
Laser printable plastic membership ID cards.
E-Image Development, Inc.
Electronic business cards and related web development and multimedia services, putting business presentations on digital CD-ROM business cards linked to the Internet.
E-marcom, inc.
Interactive business cards make an ideal, high tech sales presentation that can fit in your wallet, can hold interactive multimedia information and function across several operating systems.
e-marcom, inc.
Offers CD cards, multimedia programming, packaging, and distribution options.
Encyclopedia Britannica OEM
Supplies bulk reference CD-ROMs and DVDs for bundling with OEM software and promotional products.
FormStore Incorporated
LaserWell membership ID cards can be personalized on your desktop laser printer.
Go 2 Technologies
CD business cards, and shaped CDs.
CD business cards for presentations and marketing, includes service descriptions, rates, and samples.
Graphic Specialties, Inc.
Flexible magnets in all shapes and sizes.
Graphics 3
Pop-up christmas cards and calendars
H&A Media Consult
Manufacturer of CD-ROM business cards and promotional tools.
High Tech Corporation Ltd.
Manufactures irregular shape CDs including business card shapes, credit card shapes, tickets, minis, and more. CDs can be used for promotion, as a product catalogue, brochure, and as gifts.
Holtech Digital Media Solutions
Offers CDR business card design services and full replication. Also offers web hosting services and ikey mrom technology

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