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Allegheny Marketing Group.
Industrial and B2B market research firm, offering quantitative research including customer satisfaction, market analysis, new product development, and more.
AMA Research
Provides market reports covering the building and home improvement industries.
Applied Marketing Science
Help companies understand the needs of their customers and translate those needs into superior new product and service designs using QFD and Voice of the Customer.
ASI Entertainment
Entertainment industry research services.
Automotive Insight, Inc.
Conducts surveys, car clinics and focus groups for automobile manufacturers.
B/R/S Group, Inc.
Full service research and marketing counsel agency specializing in qualitative research. 15 senior consultants in four U.S. offices directing global and U.S. based projects.
Bardsley & Neidhart Market Research
Provides quantitative and qualitative market research.
Brecht Associates
Provides market research based consulting to organizations planning or financing the expansion or development of senior housing communities.
Burke, Inc.
International research and consulting helps manufacturing and service companies understand and accurately predict marketplace behavior.
Cahners In-Stat Group
Provides high-tech market research, analysis, and perspective covering the full market spectrum from vendor to end user. Over 300 reports in 30 technology areas are published annually.
Channel Marketing Corporation
Consulting and market research firm with expertise in consumer sales and marketing. Assists with channel strategies, customer and market segmentation, store shopping and brand awareness studies, and competitive analysis and trending.
Ciprus Limited.,
Marketing research and consulting for a variety of clients including building, design, and construction, industrial, commercial, and more.
Claritas Europe
Advanced marketing services and consumer lifestyle database.
Coalesce Market Research Services
Scientific consulting firm offering market research and technical telemarkting services
Conference Board - Consumer Research Center
Gives consumer marketers and economic observes a report of US consumer sentiment about conditions, and indicators of impending economic downturns or recoveries.
Consumer Contact, Ltd
Conducting quantitative consumer and business surveys across the United States and Canada.
Consumer Insights, Inc.
Full service market research firm specializing in new product development, positioning research, assessment of marketing efforts.
Consumer Professional Research, Inc.
Offering a wide range of market research services for both consumer and business-to-business markets.
Context-Based Research Group
A qualitative market research, branding and human centered product design consulting firm.
Cooper Research Group
This site provides free research and statistical answers for users with customer satisfaction and marketing research questions. Research services for hi-tech companies are described.

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