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How Many Promotional Gifts Should You Have
The question on the minds of many business owners is not whether or not they should have promotional gifts but rather how many they should have. This question is open to a little interpretation, so let's explore the options.

Obviously, you should have enough promotional gifts to go around to your staff and clients that you want to include in gift giving for a holiday or special promotion. Promotional gifts should leave no one out - lest there be hard feelings and perhaps a lost relationship either with a staff member or a client.

Now, the key question is how many different types of promotional gifts you should have in your inventory. That depends on why you're giving out promotional gifts. If it is for a holiday, depending on what type of promotional gift you choose, one style of gift may be enough. If you chose a promotional mug for a gift to your staff and clients, then that's pretty much all you need. However, if you've chosen higher end promotional gifts, you may want to have a few different ones to change it up a bit.

If you are getting promotional gifts for a variety of giving to various clients and / or staff members, then you may want to choose two or three different kinds of gifts. This will mean that you have the 'perfect' promotional gift for whomever you want to give it to.
There are many reasons to give promotional gifts to staff and clients. For staff, it can be to say job well done, or for their anniversary with the company. For clients, it can be a thank you for an especially large order or for long term dedication to your company. There's also holidays, and not just major holidays such as Christmas and Easter, but also smaller holidays like Secretary's Day in which you may want to honour your secretaries.

There's a wide variety of promotional items that you can give away as promotional gifts and they range widely in price. This means that there is something for every occasion, every business and to fit every budget. Once you've decided how much you want to spend and how many promotional gifts you will need, it will help to narrow down the choices that are available for promotional gifts at You could also just browse through our extensive catalogue of promotional items and choose a few that you want to have as promotional gifts for your clients and staff.

There's really no such thing as having too many promotional gifts in your inventory - if you want to specifically have promotional gifts for Christmas, then you may want to count a little closer for how many you want to give away through the holiday season. Don't forget that your promotional gifts are also advertising, so there's no harm in having a few extras to give away.

With so much to choose from, the choice is yours for promotional gifts for your staff and clients. Check out all there is to choose from at for promotional items and promotional gifts.

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